It’s very a easy and convenient place to live in, the staffs are very friendly and helpful, the food here is also very nice. Would highly recommend.


I have been quarantined for 5 months since school days because of my ankle injury.

The Guardian of the dorm (Mrs. Pim) and her assistant helped and took care of me as I was in my own home. I really appreciated it because they would find a way to help me in dorm such as getting supplies and requirements that I needed.


The dorm is very well built. Workers clean frequently and cook’s meal on time every day. Dorm owners are very kind and understanding and patient. They are willing to happily look after students like us and treat us like we are their family. No matter what problems I had, they always find their ways to fix it. Thank you for taking care of me during my dorm stay.


The room is clean. And the food is great. I can choose the food that I want to eat. I can turn on the AC whenever I want.


When I thought of what friendship means to me, what happy life means to Nancy, the Morgan student home comes to me immediately.

I came to the student home in the early 2019, the first impression was the clean and tidy of the rooms. I checked the safety facilities carefully, and was satisfied with it.

We made the rental decision on the sport immediately.

Next day Nancy left the lodging place (a teacher’s home) with the 7 days unwashed clothes and a pair of dirty shoes. She arrived at Morgan family and started her new life here.

Since then, she has been living in the student home.

Yes, Nancy is satisfied with the teachers and staff members of the student home.  She has recognized Chiangmai, the student home as her new home.

As Nancy’s mother, I feel completely relieved to leave Nancy in the student home.

That is why she hasn’t backed to China for vocation since she came to Chiangmai.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Morgan family, the teachers and the stuffs.

With Best Regards

Nancy’s mother

I feel comfortable here, the food is good, the staff here especial teacher Banks are also very helpful and friendly, but I feel like some older students can be allowed to cook their own meals, and I hope that the dormitory has a few flashlights, which can be used when there is a power outage.


Due to the excellent service of Morgen student home, we introduced Blue (Ren Zhongyuan) to come Chiangmai study.  Same as Nancy, Blue was also satisfied with his staying in Morgen Family.

Whenever a student birthday, the family will hold a birth day party.

When Blue was sick and lived in hospital, it’s Morgen family to arrange the staff taking care of Blue.

Besides the excellent living service, Morgen family also provide the student with study facilities. This includes teacher’s help in case student needed.

When Nancy and Blue took an online course, Morgen family let them to use the office space….

Therefore, both Nancy and Blue’s study results were keeping well. This help Blue to get the qualification to study in Canada.

Now Blue is studying in Canada, he still remembers Morgen family, Pim, Colin and all the staff members here.

Blue Guardian