Food Service

Home Stay students enjoy a full meal plan each weekday as well as a modified meal-plan to accommodate various culture or vegetarian preferences. Students are also provided with an evening snack on weeknights that may include snacks from the dinner room and sometimes include homemade treats from the dorm staff themselves.

Health Services

There are fully qualified nurses that serve the school students throughout the weekdays in during school hours, they are available to administer student medications and care for the immediate medical needs of each student.
The home stay provider is available to accompany students to local clinics and hospitals for acute illnesses and injuries during weekdays and weekends.

School Campus Services Accessibility

Home Stay (Dorm) students experience all of the conveniences of living on campus with all of the access that it provides. They have opportunities to access supervised fitness center and gym times. Students can enjoy field times for practicing sports or just a leisurely game with friends. They also have the opportunity to access the school facility when supervised and can stay after school to meet with teachers when needed.


The Home Stay is patrolled by security personnel from 6pm to 6am and digital surveillance systems on the grounds and in the Home Stay for student safety. More importantly, the Home Stay owner lives on the premise and are present and available to care for the children’s well-being.
There is also Finger Scan technology for only Home Stay Students are able to access their assigned Dorm Living building, only the Students staying in a particular building is able to access