Medical Care

Medical Insurance:

We recommend that all Homecare Students have a comprehensive medical cover whilst they stay in Thailand.

We would recommend Aetna Thailand medical insurance company; they are able to tailor a package to suit your child’s needs.

Medical Information:

Prior to the arrival of your child all relevant medical information, which will assist us in providing the best possible care for your child, must be advised at time of Home Stay agreement.

This information is kept Strictly confidential.

Medical Emergency Response:

Medical emergencies receive an immediate response.

In the event of a medical emergency, parents will be contact first, at time of enrolment and through out your child’s stay with us, parents must Identify and additional emergency contact person for each child, and provide their contact information.

Hospital Visits:

On occasion our students do need to make a hospital visit. When this occurs, a member of staff will generally accompany the student to their appointment. Parents are notified.

If the hospital visit is of an urgent nature, parents will be contacted immediately. Any student who is admitted to hospital for an overnight stay is accompanied by a boarding staff member. There are several excellent hospitals in Chiang Mai. We have included their websites and phone numbers for your information.

Bangkok Hospital +66 (0) 52089888

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai serves local residents and expats in Chiang Mai and throughout Northern Thailand, in addition to visiting patients from China, Myanmar and other neighboring countries in need of top-quality international-standard medical care.

McCormick Hospital +66 (0) 53921777

McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand has earned a reputation for providing good medical care and a concern for all individuals in the community, particularly the poor. It is a modern general hospital with 350 beds and around 19,000 patients admitted annually. Nurses are trained at the hospital in conjunction with the B.S. nursing degree program at Payap University. Again, a local hospital that is able to deal with foreigners.

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