Built in 2018, located at Unit Concord International School the beautiful Unity Park contains four on-campus dormitories. Students living in the dorm not only receive intentional and supportive care from our faculty and staff, but they have access to a variety of on-campus facilities to help meet their needs and make the dormitories feel a bit more like home.


Rooms will be cleaned 6 days a week, bed linen and towels changed at least once a week

Laundry Service:

Home Stay Students enjoy free laundry service 5 days a week


Security is one of our main priority’s, finger scan entry into homestay, CCTV cameras on every floor, security guard patrol from 6pm to 6am 7 days a week.


The student will be provided with his/her own key and the host is there to offer help and advice as well as to take an interest in the student’s well-being. 

Student Requirements:

We aim to match the student’s requirements as closely as possible with a suitable room buddy.


High-Speed Internet in every room to enable students to complete school assignments and to keep in contact with you, the parents

Air Conditioning:

Air Conditioning in every room for those hot days and nights in Chiang Mai