After School Care

After school care is critical to a child’s physical, emotional and mental welfare and these are the major reasons:


Children left unsupervised within the home are prone to accidents. It may be as simple as a cut or it could be a severe burn or broken leg, both of which require medical attention. Children often will undertake tasks or play in ways that they would not if a parental figure were in the house.

Emotional Stability

Young children like to share their successes and challenges with their parents to receive feedback, whether it is in the form of praise or advice. When a child comes home to an empty house, he or she may feel great disappointment in the inability to share what is immediately on their mind with their parent.

Though the opportunity may arise later in the evening the level of pride in their achievement will have reduced somewhat. Children need to be able to talk problems through with a parent and receive sound advice that they can use to help them overcome challenges.

Morgan Family Student Home Care, we are staffed by child care professionals with experience at kindergartens and all other school grades. You can have peace of mind as you leave the care of your child to us.

Our services include: provision of afternoon snacks, dinner, we have qualified Teachers who will help the children with their homework (if any).


While your child is staying with us, in order to ensure their safety, we have the entrance doors locked at all times. The doors are opened and closed after confirming parents’ identities

Beginning Times


After finish school Until 6.30pm 10 times 3,000 Baht
20 times 5,500 Baht
30 Times 8,500 Baht



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