Study Room and Quiet Hours

The boarding program supports the academic rigor of the student by monitoring a two-hour structured study time each evening. Students may choose to meet with tutors or engage in personal study in the community quiet areas of the dorm or in their own rooms. Extended quiet times can also be arranged for those who feel they need more time to complete their work.

Subject Specific Study Room

Home Stay students enjoy the opportunity to attend subject specific study groups throughout the week to allow them to receive special assistance. Certified teachers and professionals in each subject field are available to provide boarding students with extra help in their studies, Contact Home Stay provider for more information

Academic Assistance

The Home Stay values consistent and current feedback from teachers about your child’s academic progress. Weekly communication with teachers allows them to identify students who would benefit from extra assistance. Dorm staff will facilitate a special study group for these students or arrange a meeting time with teachers so that dorm students can receive assistance directly with a qualified teacher. Contact Home Stay provider for more information

High-speed Internet

Each dorm building is equipped with high-speed Internet services to efficiently handle the students’ needs and access.